Let’s talk Science!

Tue 02 — Wed 03 — Thu 04 July 2024

Let's Talk Science, a taste of science communication

 Want to get a taste of the world of science communication? This three-day event is all about communicative competences consisting of a plenary session and a maximum of 2 workshops. The plenary session will be attended by researchers from all over Flanders, inviting them to share ideas and experiences. The workshops give you the opportunity to gain skills such as presentation and interviewing techniques, making posters or writing for non-experts. This year's edition will be hosted at the Ghent University.

Want to participate? 
Find out here if you are eligible to participate and more information about the registration procedure.

Many scientists are doing groundbreaking research, but struggle to communicate about it. Fortunately, clear communication is a skill you can learn. That's why I'm a huge fan of Let's Talk Science, it's the best investment possible for your career as a scientist!

Koen Van den Eeckhout - Founder of Baryon

As a doctoral researcher you are often "stuck" inside your researcher bubble. Participating in Let's Talk Science allows us to meet many researchers from other universities and faculties. This is what I liked a lot: the diversity and the unexpectedness of learning from researchers from a totally different field than your own!

Charlotte Vercammen - Doctoral researcher UGent

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