Lunch and infomarkt DINSDAG

Before or after your lunch in Alma Gasthuisberg you have the possibility to visit stands of the science communication units of the universities and university associations, and of several other organisations involved in science communication.

SCRIPTIE VZW - de Vlaamse PhD Cup

Arnaud Zonderman



Did you obtain your PhD degree in the past year and a half? Then the Flemish PhD Cup challenges you to convey to the general public the insights of the doctoral research you have been working on for years! Not through an academic lecture, but told as a compelling and comprehensible story for non-peers. After an intense 4-day mediatraining, you will face the ultimate test: can you explain the core of your PhD in just… three minutes? More info on (only in Dutch) – Registration until 31 July. The PhD Cup is an initiative of Scriptie vzw in collaboration with a.o. Canvas, De Morgen, EOS Magazine, The Young Academy and FWO.

Bart Coenen



People who have a scientific question can pose it (in Dutch) on (I have a question). We wish to guide people towards a correct answer to their questions and to reduce the gap between science and society. And it works, thanks to the input of more than a thousand experts from all scientific fields. Chemistry, technology, language, history, economics,...

FWO - Kennismakers

Kim Barbé



The FWO exists this year for 90 years and is one of the oldest research councils in Europe. To celebrate FWO organizes on Friday 14 December 2018 a big science event ‘FWO – For 90 years the perfect habitat for Kennismakers’. Inspiring
speakers and interactive sessions and workshops will alternate and form a breeding ground for new encounters and refreshing ideas.

Amper Slim

Pieter Tijtgat



Amper Slim is a joint science communication project from the Flemish universities and universities of applied sciences trying to attract and stimulate third graders for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as an option for their further studying or profession. We want to challenge youngsters by invading their own, often digital, living environment. Amper Slim is in a constant search for interesting STEM-role models and intriguing STEM-facts living in Flanders that can be accessibly communicated to youngsters. 

The Flanders Citizen Science Office

Sofie Stoop en Magali Jacobs


Citizen Science is scientific research by amateur (or nonprofessional) scientists. Together with various research groups, RVO-Society is currently shaping the structure of the Flanders Citizen Science office. The office has several key tasks
to promote and support citizen science in Flanders:

- Be a source of knowledge for citizen science projects/researchers
- Advice policy makers, researchers, organizations and citizens about the benefits and findings of citizen science projects.
- Support Citizen Science researchers to communicate efficiently with their target public so as to increase participation in their projects and and answer technical questions about research, about the data collected, technical material (sensors,...), privacy,
- Manage data obtained through Citizen Science projects and make them available to other research institutions and citizens.
- Encourage cooperation and connect Citizen Science projects which have the same goal, research area or tools (ex.: air quality).

Universitaire Associatie Brussel

Joachim Mathieu & Bart Verheecke


Would you like to communicate about your research towards a broader audience? But you are not sure where to start? Get in touch with the Science Outreach Office (wtnschp),based at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Erasmushogeschool Brussel. The Science Outreach Office supports researchers to spread science towards the general public in an engaging, innovative and attractive way. Write an article for our Science Blog, step on stage during Bright Club, give children a taste of science during the children’s university, participate at the Science Festival… give us a call to discuss your ideas!

Association KU Leuven

Jana Demuyt, Lothe Ramakers



Are you interested in sharing your research with the rest of the world? Would you like to motivate children and teenagers for your field of research? We are here to help you! Doe mij maar wetenschap! collects all activities from the Association KU Leuven and offers you a huge amount of initiatives to reach your goal. Share your knowledge during the Science Festival Day, train boys and girls with a passion for technology during the Techniekacademie, defend your research on stage on one of our (international) Science Slams or enrich enthusiastic children at the Children’s University.

Associatie Universiteit Gent

David De Wolf, Ineke Imbo, Céline Van Rijckeghem



We organise, stimulate and support numerous initiatives on science communication, such as Science Cafes, Children's Universities, the WoooW Science Festival, ... Would you like to receive further information or would you like to take part in one of our events? Visit our website or contact us!

Universiteit Antwerpen

Els Grieten, Tine Rams, Barbara Deslé, Myriam De Splenter



From enzyme to hydraulic power, from high energy physics to ecodesign, in Antwerp we accelerate society’s knowledge of science. Would you like to help inspire young and old for science? We are always looking for enthusiastic partners for the Science Day (Dag van de Wetenschap), our Science Academy ‘Proefkot’ and the Children’s University (Kinderuniversiteit). Perhaps you’d like to participate in our Press>Speak presentation contest? Let us know!

Universiteit Hasselt

Els Smeyers, Martijn Peters


Website: Wetenschapscommunicatie.html

Are you a science ambassador? Hasselt University and PXL University College have a range of activities for people of all ages. Would you like to set up an activity at the Science Day (Dag van de Wetenschap), do you feel like organizing a Children’s University (Kinderuniversiteit), Science Cafes (Wetenschapscafés) or do you want to get on stage yourself... Please contact us.


Ann De Ron



Motivated to write about your research for non-specialists or the press? In general or specifically about animal research? Looking for advice on how to handle the media of interview training? Interested in talking to and learning from foreign colleagues, focusing not on culture but on communication?

Former journalist Ann De Ron gives workshops, private training and coachings for researchers at universities and research institutions. She holds a Master in Science and a Bachelor in Intercultural Communication.

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